Nebraska's Centennial Mall
"When it's all done, it's going to be
beautiful, substantial, educational and
a source of pride for all Nebraskans."

Roger Larson, Wausa native and campaign leader

Chief Standing Bear tile

Legacy Tiles

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Spirit of Nebraska Pathway
Nebraska Notables Tiles

$25,000 for an 18” x 36” bronze set into granite tile
These tiles feature Nebraska citizens and organizations which have made significant contributions to our state. These pre-selected tiles will be placed in the outer two blocks on the northern and southern ends of the Mall. Sponsors of the Nebraska Notables tiles may choose to have their names inscribed beneath the text, remain anonymous or credit someone else. This list was compiled by Ed Zimmer of Nebraska Capitol Commission.

Abbott, Grace
Dietrich, Charles Henry
Kiesselbach, Theodore
Petersen, William
Aldrich, Bess Streeter
Dill, Richard E.
Kiewit, Peter
Pound, Louisa
Alexander, Hartley Burr
Donald, Lawrence & John
Kimball, Thomas Rogers
Pound, Olivia
Barnd, John
Dundy, Judge Elmer S.
Kinkaid, Moses
Pound, Roscoe
Beadle, George
Eiseley, Loren
Kloefkorn, William
Red Cloud, Chief
Behlen, Walter D.
Enersen, Larry
Kooser, Ted
Rolfe, Rollin M.
Bessey, Charles
Filley, Elijah
Kuroki, Ben
Ross, Clinton
Boosalis, Helen
Fitzgerald, John
LaFlesche Picotte, Susan
Sandoz, Mari
Bordeaux, James
Flanagan, Fr. Edward Joseph
Latenser, John Sr.
Sarpy, Peter A.
Brandeis, Jonas L.
Fonda, Henry
Longoria, Art
Sartore, Joel
Brandhoefer, Leonidas A.
Frank, George W.
Majors, Thomas J.
Scott, Hiram
Braun, Sister Barbara Ann
Freeman, Daniel
Malcolm X
Sorensen, Theodore (Ted)
Bryan, William Jennings
Furnas, Robert W.
Meisner, George
Standing Bear, Chief
Buffett, Warren
Gold, Nathan
Mercer, Samuel D.
Storz, Gottlieb
Carson, Johnny
Gomez, Edward
Mickey, John H.
Sutton, Harvey P.
Castetter, Abraham
Griswold, Dwight
Morrill, Charles H.
Thayer, John M.
Cather, Willa
Hampton, Commodore C.
Morris, Wright
Thomas, A. O.
Cattle, John Jr.
Hanson, Howard
Morton, J. Sterling
Thompson, Arthur
Cavett, Dick
Hargis, Andrew M.
Neigh, John
Thomsen, Arthur C.
Clifton, Don
Hearn, Kathleen
Neihardt, John G.
Walcott, F. M.
Cody, William F. (Buffalo Bill)
Herminghaus, Ernst
Norris, George W.
Weaver, John E.
Colby, Clara Bewick
Hill, Zanzye & XaCadenne
Nye, Theron
Welsch, Roger
Creighton, Edward
Hord, Heber
O'Connor, Bishop James J.
White, C. C. & Oliver
Crook, General George
Houston, Emsley C.
Orr, Kay
Woods, Frank
Cunningham, Harry Francis
Johnson, John
Paddock, Algernon
Daugherty, Robert B.
Joslyn, George & Sarah
Parle, John Joseph
Davis, Ellery L.
Kennard, Thomas P.
Perkins, Edwin
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